EC Motors
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Electronic Security
Magnetic Bearings
High Performance Computing
3D Printing
Magnetic Apparatus
Custom Design
Jackson Model
Jackson Research
IntelligentMagnetics™ Advanced Technologies
Industrial/Aerospace/Military Specifications
Designs by the inventor of the Slotless Wide Airgap Motor
Dynamic BH Loops and the Jackson Model

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Dynamic Speed/Torque Curves
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Electro-Magnetic Shields
RF Induction Plasma Torch Generator

RF induction plasma generators are used to manufacture nanoparticles, exotic crystals, and such things as diamond coatings on various surfaces. A common application is ICP trace element spectral analysis.

Computational Power
LHC Home at CERN

Modern engineering is computer intensive. Nearly all designs are handled by Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. How fast can it go? How much memory can it have? How much does parallel computing contribute? How do humans fit into this?

Quantum Entanglement
Bell&Howell Datatape
3700B Tape Recorders Bell&Howell Datatape, located in Pasadena, California during the 70s and 80s designed and manufactured state of the art magnetic tape recorders which were typically used for telemetry by military and aerospace facilities and laboratories. NASA used them to record the Apollo missions video which became the "Lost Apollo Tapes". The early ballistic missile launches at Vandanburg Air Force Base were recorded on the one inch wide tape. Other laboratories such as Los Alamos and Sandia had many of them. The US Naval recorded sonar for spectral analysis.

Recorder Magnetic Components

Bell&Howell Short Form Catalog 1973 Digitally Enhanced

 World View with Denis Campbell

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