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BH Loop This is a classical BH-Loop analog test circuit. They are difficult to manage with any accuracy. Several components must be changed to accomodate frequency changes. Special amplifiers are required for anything other than line frequencies. Signal generators do not have enough power output to handle the primary circuit. The accuracy of a cathode ray tube oscilloscope is insufficient for laboratory work. Even with a digital scope, simple measurements become time consuming and tedious producing marginal accuracy.
Cathode Ray Tubes have limited full scale accuracy. Taking precision measurements from any scope is not practical. Measurements are not much better than ±5% even with a digital scope due to the A/D converters despite the appearance on the screeen. Data must be collected and processed by other means to achieve true laboratory grade measurements. The scope becomes a visualization of a much more highly refined numerical process. BH Loop Ferrite
BH Loop Jackson Research is using specialized wide band linear power amplifiers to drive primary circuits. The output is captured by high resolution high bit rate A/D converters and analyzed with proprietary DSP techniques to render precision BH Loops with better than 1% accuracy from DC to 250KHz. Our instruments also allow us to introduce precision DC offsets.
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