EC Motors
Motion Control
Electronic Security
Magnetic Bearings
High Performance Computing
3D Printing
Magnetic Apparatus
Custom Design
Jackson Model
Jackson Research
IntelligentMagnetics™ Custom Designs
Industrial/Aerospace/Military Specifications
Designs by the inventor of the Slotless Wide Airgap Motor

KW 3-Phase EC Motor Development System

  • Universal Input
  • Near Unity Power Factor
  • RS485/232 and CAN networks
  • Embedded Systems
KW Motor Development System
KW Motor Development  

Motion Control:

  • Polyphase EC Motors
  • AC Vector
  • Brush DC Bidirectional
  • Fractional and Integral HP
  • Linear

"Wide Air Gap/Slotless" DC Motor Design

  • Designed by the Inventor
  • Polyphase
  • Frameless or Housed
  • Working designs to 150,000 RPM
Slotless Motors



  • Speed/Torque Curves
  • Dynamic Loads
  • Encoder Development
  • Precision Automation
  • Precision Motion
Dynamometer   The computer networked dynamic load provides live graphical motor response curves. Tuning of closed loop control systems are optimized by numerical methods which tailor a driver motor combination for a particular motion profile.

Advanced Controls Development:

  • A/D Converters
  • PWM
  • Flash Memory
  • Digital I/O
  • Connectivity Options
  • Motion Control
  • Power Management
  • Data Acquisition
Motion Control Developer

Precision 3-Stage Calibration Tooling Plate  


  • 3D Metrology
  • Jeweled Bearings
  • Stress/Strain
  • Magnetic Fields
  • Precision Linear Motion

Magnetic Components  

Electro-Magnetic Components:

  • Toroids
  • Saturable Reactors
  • Switching Power Supply Components
  • Pulse Transformers
  • 50/60 Hz Power Transformers
  • Linear Motion
  • Magnetic Amplifiers
  • Magnetometers

Development Facilities:

  • State of the Art Instrumentation
  • Automated Data Acquisition Systems
  • Environmental Controls



FEM Flux Density Plot


Finite Elements:

  • Magnetics
  • Electrostatics
  • Thermodynamics


  • Non-linear SPICE Magnetics
  • Controls System Modeling
  • Realistic Power Management
SPICE Hysteresis Loop